Multiplication Timestables Lessons


A great lesson to get your children quicker at their timestables, meaning that they can free up their working memory to be able to work on more complex tasks. Run as an introductory lesson to timestables and then practise frequently.

Australian Curriculum Links:

Lesson Outline:

  • Set learning intention on board: ‘To become more accurate and quicker at recalling our multiplication facts’.
  • Discuss with students ‘How’ they will know if they are successful and develop a class ‘Success’ criteria (you may want to differentiate here and ask children to set their own success criteria based on the discussions that you have had).
  • Copy down the ‘0’ and ‘1’ multiplication facts onto your whiteboard or IWB, discussing patterns as you go.
  • Ask if there is an easy way to solve any number sentence if it has a ‘0’ or a ‘1’ in the problem and elaborate on the discussion. Take the opportunity to dispel any misconceptions of ADDING at this point.
  • Now ask the children to copy down the ‘0’ and ‘1’ multiplication facts like this:
  • When finished, explain commutativity (a x b = b x a), and show this in the colour of the tables. You don’t need to use the term commutativity just as long as they understand that the two factors can be swapped and the answer remains the same.
  • Now ask the children to go back to their tables and create the multiplication facts of ‘2’ (it is always good to allow use of counters and blocks to show how groups and groups of works).
  • Conclude by discussing any findings (such as the 2 multiplication facts being doubles) and what they mean and explain to the children that over the week you will continue to practise the 2 multiplication facts with games, rote, songs, etc.


  1. Initial pre-test of multiplication facts will identify starting points.
  2. Workbook samples
  3. Participation in activities


  • White board and/or interactive board connected to computer
  • Student workbooks (grid books are better)
  • Stopwatch/Timer
  • Counters/MAB/Concrete materials


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