The Peer Pressure ‘Bag of Tricks’ Lesson

Summary of Lesson Plan:

A great lesson on the various types of peer pressure (spoken and unspoken). Kids get into groups and role-play various types of pressure. Lesson should be followed by ‘Know your Nos’ lesson.

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Essential Questions:

  • What forms does peer pressure take?
  • Why do people give in to peer pressure?
  • What feelings can result from being pressured?

Lesson Outcomes:

Students will be able to:

  • recognize different types of spoken and unspoken pressure
  • name different types of spoken and unspoken pressure
  • demonstrate different types of spoken and unspoken pressure
  • name the feelings that spoken and unspoken pressure can generate

Lesson Outline:

  1. Organize the class into six small groups. See role play scenarios and decide whether to have six mixed groups (i.e., boys and girls), or four mixed groups plus one group of all boys (for Scenario A), and one group of all girls (for Scenario F).
  2. Provide the “Things to Remember” notes (see below) as a handout to each group or post an enlargement for the class.
  3. Give each student a Student Response Sheet.
  4. Give each group a scenario to role play.
  5. Give each group a “Bag of Tricks.”
  6. Have each group select a spokesperson to hold up the group’s answer choicesfrom the “Bag of Tricks.”
  7. Have the groups empty their bags and spread out the papers.
  8. Allow the groups enough time to plan and practice their scenarios.
  9. Call the groups up one at a time for their role plays (set appropriate ground rules if needed in addition to the “Things to Remember” list).
  10. Call “Freeze” at the end of each role play; then have the role players relax.
  11. Have each group’s spokesperson hold up the paper strip for the Trick they think is being demonstrated.
  12. Read aloud each choice; then announce the correct answer.
  13. Ask students to explain their choices; allow time for Q&A and for the class to fill in their Student Response Sheets.


  • Anecdotal notes on student role-plays and working in groups.
  • Student Response Sheets





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