Persuasive Writing Lesson – OREO – Opinion Reason Explanation Opinion


Using an OREO Planner (Yes, like the biscuit), children learn how to create a persuasive writing text. Children have to brainstorm their own OPINION, REASON, EXPLANATION and then revisit their OPINION to persuade their audience. A great little lesson for all levels.

Australian Curriculum Links:


Oreo (opinion, reason, explanation, opinion restated)

Connection: We have been writing letters to help convince people of our opinions.  Earlier we made a list of things that we think would make a difference to our world.  Today we are going to have a chance to take our opinion and try to convince other people that they can do some things that will make a difference to our Earth.

Teach: Show the students the Oreo shaped chart.  Choose a topic to demonstrate such as “Everybody should use reusable bags when they go to the grocery story.”

Then “write in the air” telling the students what you would write for each part of the cookie.  First I am going to state my opinion:  I believe that everyone should use recyclable bags.  Next I am going to give my reason and explain it:  If everyone used recyclable bags then plastic bags wouldn’t litter the ground.  Since this is a double stuff cookie, I might even give another reason and explanation: When bags end up in the ocean, they can hurt the sea creatures. Finally to close I need to restate my opinion:  If everyone would use recyclable bags, it would take care of our Earth.

Active Involvement:  Now I want each of you to look at the chart and choose one of the topics that you would like to convince someone to change.  Give the students a minute to look over the chart, reading it once again aloud. Now I want you to turn to your floor partner and share with them which topic you have chosen and one reason that you are going to use to make your argument.  Listen as the children exchange ideas with their partners.

Link:  Writers, when you go back to your seat today, you have important work to do.  I want you to use this planning sheet to think about how you could convince someone to help save our Earth. Hold up a planning sheet and state again what goes in each part of the planning paper pointing to that part of the paper as you talk.  (You can give each child an Oreo cookie to help remind them of each part.)

Share:  Invite a couple of children who have completed their planning sheet to share with the class.   Remember writers that tomorrow we will be doing the important work of thinking about an audience for our letters.   We will be thinking about just who we should convince to change their ways.


  • Annotated work samples could be used as assessment pieces for writing.


  • chart paper with a black oval construction paper top and bottom
  • a list of topics that students have brainstormed that they have an opinion ( for example, on Earth Day students write a list of topics that they think would make a difference to the Earth)
  • Oreo persuasive writing template (DOC)


Some good persuasive topics for kids:

  • Zoos are good/bad for the preservation of animal species
  • Persuade us that recess should be longer
  • Benefits of homework or why I shouldn’t have to do homework
  • How important is my education?
  • Why should we recycle?
  • Stop smoking mum/dad
  • Why I should get to go to bed later
  • Food I would love to see in the Dining Room or food that shouldn’t be served in the Dining Room
  • Why we need more recess
  • A cat is better than a dog or a dog is better than a cat
  • Why do we have to eat vegetables?
  • Christmas is the best holiday because…
  • Why we should have more excursions…
  • I need more time with my on line computer games – DS, etc.
  • Why I should get more pocket money
  • Why Sea World is better than Movie World or vice versa


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