English Prefix and Suffix Lesson



This lesson is based on prefix and suffixes. Students will identify base words and explain how prefixes and suffixes change words and their meanings. This lesson is aimed at year 3-4.

Australian Curriculum Links:

  • Year 2 – Recognise common prefixes and suffixes and how they change a word’s meaning. ACELA1472
  • Year 2 – Joining discussion about how a prefix or suffix affects meaning, for example uncomfortable, older, and division. ELBE764
  • Year 3 – Understand how to use sound–letter relationships and knowledge of spelling rules, compound words, prefixes, suffixes, morphemes and less common letter combinations, for example ‘tion’ ACELA1485
  • Year 5 – Understand how to use banks of known words, as well as word origins, prefixes and suffixes, to learn and spell new words ACELA1513


  1. Read through information on smartboard: http://www.studyzone.org/testprep/ela4/o/wordstructures4l.cfm
  2. Discuss information on board
  3. Write down meaning of words
  1. Play smartboard game on prefix and suffix.http://www.oswego.org/ocsd-web/match/matchgeneric.asp?filename=jwildeprefix2http://www.funenglishgames.com/grammargames/prefixsuffix.html


  1. Model worksheet
  2. Students work through worksheet. Can work with person beside them if they need help.
  3. Early finishers: get students to write a list of prefix and suffixes on the back of the worksheet or in workbook.



  • Check work sample that students have completed.




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