Preposition lesson



This lesson is based on prepositions and students will be able to identify and use prepositions to describe objects in relation to one another.

Australian Curriculum Links:

  • Year 2 – Reading their work and adding, deleting or changing words, prepositional phrases or sentences to improve meaning, for example replacing an everyday noun with a technical one in an informative text – ELBE816
  • Year 4 – Choosing a variety of appropriate words and prepositional phrases, including descriptive words and some technical vocabulary, to communicate meaning accurately – ELBE926
  • Year 4 – Understand how adverb groups/phrases and prepositional phrases work in different ways to provide circumstantial details about an activity – ACELA1495


  1. Ask: What is a preposition?- placed in front of a noun group to show where, when etc.
  2. Watch clip on prepositions- GRAMMAR ROCK FOLDER- Tried to upload this but did not work?
  3. Discuss clip
  1. Draw a simple house on the whiteboard.
  2. Get students to copy the exact drawing from the board.
  3. Write a preposition on the board e.g. on, and have students draw something on their house.
  4. Continue using 5-7 prepositions e.g. above, near, under, behind, inside, against.
  5. Students compare drawings, note differences in prepositional phrase.


  1. Get students to create a sentence for each preposition- the sentence should describe the drawing of their house. E.g.I can see a person inside the house. There is an antenna on the roof.
  2. Underline or highlight each preposition in sentence.



  • Student work sample- have the students used prepositions?
  • Does the picture they have drawn match up to the sentences?


  • Workbooks
  • Smartboard to play preposition song



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