HISE- NSW physical features history lesson



This lesson focuses on describing places in local area and other parts of Australia and explain thier significance. Students will identify states and capitals of Australia, understand difference between natural and built features of NSW, name and locate natural and built features of NSW and evaluate significance of natural and built features. Lesson is aimed at year 2,  3, 4, 5.

Australian Curriculum Links:

  • Year 2 – The importance today of an historical site of cultural or spiritual significance; for example, a community building, a landmark, a war memorial ACHHK045
  • Year 2 – Investigating the history of a chosen person, building, site or landmark in the local community using sources (for example books, newspapers, oral histories, audio visual material, digital sources, letters, photographs) and relating a story which these reveal about the past ELBH057
  • The history of a significant person, building, site or part of the natural environment in the local community and what it reveals about the past ACHHK044


  1. Revise over states and capitals. (smartboard)
  2. Ask: “When you think of NSW – what comes to your mind first?” Get students to list some of the physical features of NSW- Sydney, Newcastle, etc http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ohe03Fuy4us&feature=fvwrel
  3. Look and discuss images on the smartboard.
  4. Get students to decide whether  the picutres are classed as natural or built feature. Stick picture in correct place.-       What makes it a natural/built feature?
  1. Divide students up into small groups. Give each student a picture of the feature they will be researching. Each group gets an information sheet with specific information about their feature.
  2. Each group will get an A3 piece of paper. Students glue the feature in the middle and write interesting facts around their picture.
  3. Present to class.


  1. Ask: What are some physical features of NSW?
  2. Ask students to bring gin photos of features or sites they have been to around NSW.
  3.  Ask: What is the difference between natural and built features?



  • Group information paper- does it explain why the feature is significant?
  • Does it have relevant and apporpriate information about the feature?
  • Do students understand difference between natural and built feature?


  • Pictures of NSW land marks/ physical features
  • Smartboard to play video
  • A3 paper



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