Grade 6 Poetry Lesson 1

Poetry Lessons
Types of Poetry


This English lesson focuses on different types of poems and thier specific structure. . Students are exposed to shape poems, cinquains, Octopoem, Haiku, Rhyme, Limerick and acrostic poems. Students will look into each poem in more depth in continuing lessons. During this lesson students focus on one poem in a group.

Australian Curriculum Links:

  • Year 6 – Identify the relationship between words, sounds, imagery and language patterns in narratives and poetry such as ballads, limericks and free verse(ACELT1617)
  • Year 6 – Understand that cohesive links can be made in textsby omitting or replacing words (ACELA1520)
  • Year 6 – Use interaction skills, varying conventions of spoken interactions such as voice volume, tone, pitch and pace, according to group size, formality of interaction and needs and expertise of the audience(ACELY1816)
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  1. Ask: What is poetry? What are the different types of poetry?
  2. Get students to write the different types of poetry on the board.
  3. Using the smart board the different types of poetry + examples. Get students to read them out.types of poems
  4. Note on the board the characteristics of the types of poems.
  1. Divide students into groups. Students pick out of a hat the type of poetry they will be writing (as a group).
  2. Students have 5-10 minutes to come up with a poem of their choice of topic. Once finished, one person reads out to the class and others guess what type of poem it could be


  1. Back at their desks, students choose the type of poem they would like to write and the topic is: Antarctica.
  2. Anything to do with Antarctica the students can write in their poem (making sure it is descriptive)
    • Not expected to finish poems this lesson. (continues on another lesson plan- poetry lesson 2)



  • Have students understood structure and concept of different types of poems?
  • Can students recognise the type of poem when it is read out?
  • Do students write in the correct structure a certain type of poem?


  • Smart board
  • White board
  • Paper
  • Selection of types of poetry
  • Hat
  • Workbooks



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