Effects of alcohol lesson

effects of alcohol
effects of alcohol


This lesson focus is on alcohol. Students are able to predict the consequences of their choices, eg use of tobacco and alcoho,  explaint he consequences of personal lifestyle choices, identifies the positive and negative effects of various substances on the body, eg sunblock, alcohol, analgesics, tobacco, caffeine.

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  1. Write alcohol up on the whiteboard
  2. Ask: What is alcohol? What does alcohol do to the body?
  3. What does the word alcohol mean to you? Brainstorm on whiteboard.
  4. Game: True or false. Read out a statement about alcohol. One side of the room will be true, another side will be false. Students need to stand on the side they feel is correct when the statement is read out. true or false alcohol
  1. Divide class into two groups.Group 1: Whiteboard activity: put the correct sentence under the correct headings. Headings are: the effect can depend on factors such as AND immediate effects include. Sentences

    Group 2: Brainstorm in their workbooks where people consume alcohol and why. E.g. Barbeque: to be social. And where people do not consume alcohol. E.g. work.

  2. Each activity goes for around 10 min and groups swap over activities.


  1. List more places on the white board that people do and do not drink at.
  2. Discuss.
  3. Next lesson: Why people drink/why people don’t drink.



  • Students previous knowledge about alcohol
  • Understanding  of effects and factors relating to alcohol
  • Understanding where and why people drink


  • Large space
  • Sentence Cards
  • Workbooks
  • White board



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