Inverting colours art lesson

inverting colours


This lesson teaches students about inverting colours. Can be taught with any theme (this lesson focuses on Christmas). Students learn how to appreciate their peers artwork and identify and describe different forms, materials and techniques used in the artworks.

Australian Curriculum Links:

  • TBC in 2013


  1. Ask: Who knows what opposite colours/inverted colour mean?
  2. Show work sample of what the students will be creating
  3. Explain work sample to students.*What kind of crayon was used?Theme is Christmas.

    Concept is opposite colours/inverted colours

    Write steps on white board:

    1. Fold paper in half. Then in half again. Open paper up to fold down horizontally. (Demonstrate)
    2. Choose 2 Christmas symbols to draw in each row
    3. Choose 2 colours for the top row and 2 colours for the bottom row
    4. Colour in the pictures making sure each box is OPPOSITE colours to the box next to it

    *Tell students if they are using a light and dark colour to use the dark colour first, otherwise the colours will get mixed together

  1. Students start their own opposite colour Christmas pictures.*Put ideas of pictures on white board to assist studentsStudents choose colours and colour in their pictures




1. Class comes together and choose a few students to hold their work up to show the class.


2. Ask students to give positive feedback on the:


*choice of colours


*choice of pictures


*drawing of the pictures

*overall artwork



  • Take note of students who gave a positive comment on other work.
  • Did students understand concept of inverting colours? Does their artwork show this?


  • Work sample of inverted colour, White board, A3 paper, Crayons, pencils, textas



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