Report Writing Lesson: Class Newspaper Teams Part 1 – Analysis



This is a 2 part lesson. The first part gives students the opportunity to investigate newspaper articles in depth. During this time students will analyse the structure of newspaper articles (Headline, Lead, Body, Conclusion), the 5 W’s (who, what, where, why, when) as well as the author’s intention. The template found in resources will assist with this analysis.

Australian Curriculum Links:

  • Compare texts including media texts that represent ideas and events in different ways, explaining the effects of the different approaches (ACELY1708)
  • Analyse how text structures and language features work together to meet the purpose of a text (ACELY1711)


  1. Obtain a series of different newspaper types (The Age, Herald Sun, The Australian, Local newspapers etc.) 
  2. Break students into small groups and hand out the Articles Analysis sheets. (Make sure you have a variety of ability levels in the groups.)
  1. Go through step by step with the students and explain how they are required to answer the questions on the sheet by analysing the newspapers. It is important to explain the author’s intention as well as the 5 w’s.
  2. Let students work in small groups while you roam around and assist groups where necessary.
  3. After ample time, invite a few volunteers from each group to hold up their newspaper and discuss who their newspaper is targeted at etc.
  4. Extension: You can make a t-chart on the board and compare all newspapers against each other- This is a great way to show students that different newspapers are targeted at different demographics of people.


  1. Discuss with students how newspapers are produced for different purposes.



  • Work samples
  • Anecdotal Notes




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