Report Writing Lesson: Class Newspaper Teams Part 2 – Writing the articles



The second part of this lesson involves students being put into different newspaper teams to produce a class newspaper. There are 10 possible newspaper teams coupled with templates and outlines to assist students in working independently. Prior to writing their newspaper article, students will analyse how their specific article is constructed which will assist the writing process later. This lesson gives students a great insight into how an actual newspaper team works and discussing deadlines as well they also get the chance to be creative.

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Usually works well with two classes combined. Make sure you mix up the groups and abilities too.
  1. Break students into 10 groups with group of approximately 4. 
  2. Go through each newspaper team and explain what is required of each team.
  3. Outline the deadline time and that it is required in word format and edited etc.
  1. Because the 2 classes are combined, teachers are able to roam around and assist groups in whatever they need help with.
  2. Student first analyse the articles, identifying the structure of the article.
  3. Next they will begin planning their article using the templates provided.
  4. After editing, they will produce in word format and save to a class folder.
  5. Any students who finish early, can become chief editors and there role is to put the newspaper together. (Microsoft Powerpoint is probably the best program due to its flexibility).


  1. Print off enough copies for the class to read in small groups and let the students enjoy their final product!



  • Work Sample
  • Anecdotal Notes


  • A variety of newspapers.
  • Newspaper templates.

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