Shared Writing Lesson: Using Youtube to write an explanation text, together!


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In this lesson, students will use a “sport’s science” video which is found on Youtube to explain how some sporting activities are completed at an elite level. After watching the video as an ‘introduction’ you will then proceed to writing an explanation piece together in a shared environment.

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  1. Choose a sports science video from YouTube which you think will appeal to your audience (preferably a sport you know your students will enjoy!)
  2. Pose the question, “Have you ever wondered…….?”
  1. Show the video to your students and ask them to make mental notes. (In this example we are going to use Dwight Howard performing a slam dunk in the NBA.) found at
  2. After watching the video, get students to articulate what happened in the text and how they can explain it.
  3. Next, go over the structure of how to write an explanation text (including how it differs from a procedural text).

Now with input from students, you will write an explanation text together by modelling. (As an extension, throw in some punctuation and spelling errors and see if your kids pick up on it.

Here is an brief example of the Dwight Howard Video

Writing an Explanation Text

Intro: Usually started with a question, or a general statement about the topic.

“Have you ever wondered how NBA players can produce such great vertical leaps? Or why they can sometimes jump so high?”

Body: Usually has a series of sequential paragraphs explaining how a process works.

“ As Dwight Howard runs up he is building up what is called momentum, as he pushes off the ground he propels off the ground at a rate of …..”

Conclusion: A general statement about how the process works, no new information should be

“So now we know how NBA players are able to produce such amazing vertical leaps in such short distances….”

  1. Recap on the way you structure an explanation text as well as what they learnt. Also watch a few more youtube clips as well as reward!


  • Work Sample


  • Youtube
  • Butcher’s paper or whiteboard



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