Chocolate Truffles: Procedural Writing Text Lesson



In this lesson students will analyse a procedural text which is a simple recipe to make chocolate truffles. Upon reading the instructions students will make the truffles and then answer questions at the bottom of the sheet. The best part is that there is no cooking required and they taste delicious!

Australian Curriculum Links:

  1. Hand out the recipe sheets and ask students if anyone has seen or eaten these  before. 
  2. After the excitement subsides, tell students that we are going to make this food, however we need to understand the process behind it.
  1. After writing the learning intention on the board. Students will pair up and read through the instructions.
  2. Start a class discussion analysing and interpreting the procedural text.  Ask about the significance of headings, sub headings, bullet points etc.
  3. Next the fun stuff! However you would like to do it, help students make the chocolate truffles using the recipe provided.
  4. Make sure students clean up


  1. Before letting students eat their truffles, discuss the answers to the questions as well as the consequences of not following a procedural text correctly.


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  • Anecdotal Notes



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