Australian History Lessons – Gallipoli ‘The Landing’ via ABC


This lesson sequence is a great way to teach students about the history of WW1 and Australia’s involvement via their battle at Gallipoli. The content is interactive and allows students to gain a real understanding as to what went on during the day of April 25, 1915. Students can be taught explicitly or allowed to run an inquiry into the events. A wonderful resource!

Australian Curriculum Links:

  • Sequence historical people and events. (ACHHS117)
  • Compare information from a range of sources. (ACHHS122)
  • Identify points of view in the past and present (ACHHS123)


Please read the ‘Teachers Guide’ Below to develop your own lesson structure.
Teachers Guide – Gallipoli ‘The Landing’  Notes and activities from the ABC that help teach students about history.

Then log onto the Interactive Site using the link below.


  • Soldier Profile
  • Analysis of a Website
  • Interviewing a Soldier
  • Creation of a story





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  1. The lessons look good, but we have 150 minutes to teach all of Gallipoli in. There is too much content here for that time period. I also believe that my school has more time allocated to History than many other schools. We need real lessons for real time. Still good work and well done.

    • Although there is a lot of content here and we are only REQUIRED to teach history for a short period of time, the best way to teach anything, I believe, is to integrate your lessons. I plan on using this as my term focus so therefore I’ll be not only teaching it part of history but also as Literacy, Maths, D. and T and possible even Science. As the old saying goes, it’s not what you’ve got, but how you use it 🙂