Anti-Smoking Research Task Lesson



In this lesson, students engage in a discussion about smoking (looking at the names given to cigarettes, most common places people smoke, problems associated with smoking and excuses why people smoke). They then investigate facts around smoking using a research task and present their findings to their peers. The idea is that they will educate themselves on the risks and facts surrounding smoking and make informed choices.

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  1. Place 4 A2 sheets of paper around the walls of the room with the headings:
  • Names for cigarettes
  • Most common places people smoke
  • Problems with smoking
  • Excuses why people smoke
  1. Introduce your students to the health issue of smoking and explain to them that you have 4 posters around the room that you want the kids to add their own ideas to.
  2. Refer to the headings above.
  3. Ask for an example of each and allow the kids to head off for 5 or so minutes.
  4. Bring your kids back and discuss the posters. (Great opportunity to get rid of any prejudices and to ensure that everyone knows the terminology that is given to cigarettes)
  1. Explain that today, the kids will be participating in an online inquiry about smoking and that they will be required to present their findings to the rest of the class.
  2. Explain to the kids that the idea of the research is to build knowledge around smoking so that they (students) can make informed choices about their health.
  3. Handout investigation task sheet (see below) and set students to task.
  4. Rove around the group and discuss findings with the kids.


  1. Have each student (or pair, if that’s how you ran the session) report back to the rest of the group.
  2. Ask for a fact that each student (or pair) found interesting and why this is significant for the health of Australia.


  • Ask student to email/submit research task for assessment.
  • Assess presentation of research findings.


  • You’ll need computers/ipads/one-to-one devices for this task.
  • A2 Butcher’s paper
  • Coloured textas/markers
  • Anti-smoking research task (PDF)


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