Spelling Matrix for Years 3/4/5



The spelling matrix can be adapted to suit any year level/any class. It is designed to provide students with a range of activities that will help to develop their skills in spelling. The matrix is aligned to Blooms Taxonomy as well as Gardner’s multiple Intelligences. The use of the matrix allows students to take control of their learning and to decide the activities they will do.

The matrix is also aligned with a point system. The teacher will set a target number students will work towards. This will again vary for every class but I have found 16 points works well. Students must choose activities during the week that will help them to reach 16 points. They are commended for doing extra points.

The focus should be on quality and accuracy of work rather than on quantity and amount of activities completed. Students should be made explicitly aware that if they do an activity worth 6 points, they will not be granted the full points unless it is of good quality.

Australian Curriculum Links:

  • Year 3: Understand how to use sound–letter relationships and knowledge of spelling rules, compound words, prefixes, suffixes, morphemes and less common letter combinations, for example ‘tion’ (ACELA1485)
  • Year 4: Understand how to use strategies for spelling words, including spelling rules, knowledge of morphemic word families, spelling generalisations, and letter combinations including double letters (ACELA1779)


The spelling matrix can be implemented easily into any spelling program. It should be referred to several times during the week and students should be provided with many opportunities to complete the activities.

Introductory lesson

  • Discuss multiple intelligences with students. These are the way in which we learn best.
  • Have students view the matrix, discuss activities and which ones the students might choose first.
  • Challenge students to choose activities outside their comfort zones and to choose ones that are of different multiple intelligences.
  • Students to glue the matrix and recording sheet into their spelling books.


  • The teacher should be viewing every spelling activity completed by the students. A recording sheet has been provided. When a student has completed an activity they will need to record it onto their recording sheet. The teacher will then view the student’s activity. Space has been allocated on the recording sheet for the teacher to write a comment and determine the amount of points the student has achieved.


Spelling Matrix Doc





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