Exploring Our Senses Lesson Plan – Hearing – Foundation


Summary of Lesson Plan:

This is a lesson that I use from a series of five to teach students about their senses. The children are required to use their sense of hearing to identify different sounds they can hear in their environment. They identify the parts of the body required for hearing. It usually takes a couple of hours for all the children to participate in all the activities.

Australian Curriculum Links:

  • Foundation – Science involves exploring and observing the world using the senses (ACSHE013)
  • Understand the use of vocabulary in familiar contexts related to everyday experiences, personal interests and topics taught at school (ACELA1437)
  • Produce some lower case and upper case letters using learned letter formations (ACELY1653)
  • Create short texts to explore, record and report ideas and events using familiar words and beginning writing knowledge (ACELY1651)

Lesson Plan Sequence:

Introduction/Warm up:
Whole class mat session

  • Read the story “My Five Senses” Big Book by Aliki (or a similar book about senses)
  • Explain that for this lesson, learning about hearing. Identify parts of the body required for hearing
  • Sitting in a big circle, each child plays a percussion musical instrument one at a time, children are to verbalise whether the instrument sounds loud or quiet and also whether the instument sounds like something (rain, rocks, bells etc)
  • Sing song – I Like Peace, I Like Quiet (playschool) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QV18hka3eb4 (12:40 into the clip) with the children singing along and playing all the instruments

Explain the following activities:

Depending on your class you can use a structured small group rotation or provide the experiences for the children to access throughout the day.

1. Playing Musical Instruments
Set up on a picnic blanket outside, the children have the opportunity to explore a range of musical instruments (bells, tapping sticks, rain sticks, drums, cymbols etc). Have music playing so they can play along with the music if they wich. Encourage the children to explore the different sounds that the instruments can make.

2. Listen and Paint
The children spend the first couple of minutes listening with their eyes closed and in silence. Encourage them to tink about the different sounds that they can hear. In the small group, discuss the different sounds that they could hear (people talking, cars going past, music playing, leaves in trees etc…) Children choose one sound that they want to share with others, have a go at writing down what it was they could here in a sentence eg: “I can hear a car. After they have had a go at writing they then illustrate their writing using paints. I then compile this into a whole class big book.

3. Making Shakers
The children have a go at shaking/listening to shakers that the teacher has made. They have a guess at what might be inside the containers. The children then make their own shakers (we used recycled screw top plastic containers with the labels peeled off or wrapped in white paper).They choose what they would like to put into their shaker. (pasta, rice, water, cotton wool balls, buttons etc). They can then decorate the shaker using textas, paint or glue and collage. Have discussions about what noises their shaker makes, are they loud or quiet?

4. Listening Post
Have a five or six station listening post set up with “Giraffes Can’t Dance” Audiobook CD by Giles Andreae (Author), Guy Parker-Rees (Illustrator). At the conclusion of the story, the children discuss what happened in the story then write and illustrate their favourite part of the story.

Whole class mat session

  • Reflect on the activities they participated in. Ask for volunteers to share what they discovered/made/heard during their activities.


  • Work samples – the childrens writing and drawings to record what they have heard
  • Observations – Participation in discussions, use of language relevant to activity


    • Big Book – My Five Senses by Aliki
    • Variety of musical instruments (one each or one between two)
    • “I like peace, I like quiet” song
    • Picnic blanket
    • CD player and CD with variety of music on it
    • A3 easel painting paper
    • Textas
    • Paints, brushes and easel
    • Pre-made shakers (4-5 with different/varying materials in each
    • Recycled plastic screw top bottles
    • Fillings for shakers – rice, pasta, water, cotton wool balls (I find different objects off the collage table)
    • Textas/glue/paint/collage materials to decorate shakers
    • Listening post
    • “Giraffes Can’t Dance” Audiobook CD by Giles Andreae (Author)
    • A4 paper
    • Crayons, textas, pencils



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