Aboriginal Culture Investigation Lesson Plan – Year 3/4


Summary of lesson plan:

Students will be working in groups to investigate one area of traditional Aboriginal culture. They will research their topic over a few days, will create a PowerPoint presentation and will present these to the class.

Australian Curriculum Links:

  • ACELA1488: Understand that social interactions influence the way people engage with ideas and respond to others for example when exploring and clarifying the ideas of others, summarising their own views and reporting them to a larger group.
  • ACELA1793: Identify features of online texts that enhance readability including text, navigation, links, graphics and layout.
  • ACELY1687: Interpret ideas and information in spoken texts and listen for key points in order to carry out tasks and use information to share and extend ideas and information.
  • ACELY1689: Plan, rehearse, and deliver presentations incorporating learned content and taking into account particular purposes and audiences.
  • ACHHK077: The diversity and longevity of Australia’s first peoples and the ways Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander peoples are connected to country and place(land, sea, waterways and skies) and the implications of their daily lives. 

Lesson plan sequence:

  • Introduce aboriginal investigation project.
  • There are 6 areas we will be investigating. Food, clothing, shelter, transport, art and music.
  • Divide students into 6 groups and have them discuss what they know about each topic. Share with the class.
  • Students will be given the option to choose which topic they will research. They will work in groups to gather information and upon completion they will also present in groups.
  • Hand out the marking rubric. Discuss expectations and how they will be marked.
  • Students will create a brainstorm and will write down everything they know about the topic. They will constantly refer back to this brainstorm over the next few days.
  • Provide students with time to research their topic. Make sure each group member has a role in the group and they know what they are responsible for. E.g finding photos, finding information or creating the PowerPoint.
  • Students will put all their information into a PowerPoint and will present their findings to the class.
  • Whilst each group is presenting, the others groups will be writing down 5 facts that they learnt from the presentation.


  • Marking rubric will be used to assess students.
  • Encourage students to reflect on their learning and share what they have learnt about aboriginal culture.




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