Australian Passport Template – Kids can go anywhere!



This document can be used to provide students with their very own Australian Passport.  It can be used to support many learning areas and activities within the classroom.

Firstly, it can be used as a behaviour management system. Students can receive a stamp for good behaviour and when their passport is full they may receive a prize. The passport can be used for students to record how many books they have read, or when they have completed a particular task.

This passport can be used when viewing different countries/places in the world. Each week you could focus on a different place in the world. Students must complete an activity or assessment task and if they correctly complete it they may receive a stamp and can travel to the next destination.

Transform your classroom into an airplane. Have students place their chairs into rows. The teacher is the Pilot and will announce to students when to turn left and right. Prompt them to look outside their plane windows. If you are travelling to France, ask students what they might see out the window? What are the colours? What is the weather? When we land, what can you smell? What are the people wearing?  What sounds can you hear?

Students can produce reports on countries. They can keep a diary and can document their travel experiences. After travelling they can be employed as travel agents and must plan a holiday – set them a budget.

Coat of arms:

Download the passport below:

Australian Passport Template (WORD)

Australian Passport Template (PDF)




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