Year 6 Drama Lesson Plan – Anti-bullying Role Play



This lesson plan will enable Year 6 students to unpack social issues and aims to create empathetic relationships with other students by creating self awareness.  Thus this lesson provides the following areas of development: social, physical, cognitive and language.  The lesson is culturally inclusive and is predicated on role-play pertaining to anti-bullying.  The role-plays will be used on the school website, creating intrinsic motivation.

Australian Curriculum Links:

The Arts (Drama)

Prior Knowledge:

Students need to be familiar with role-plays and bullying and its affects.


  • Students start on the mat
  • Teacher led ‘contract signing time’, students sign an imagery dramatic contract.
  • Tuning-in activity ‘focused walking’ emphasising walking showing different emotions (use the teacher-side-coach role) (5mins).
  • Students allocated into 4 groups (mixed ability to enable peer scaffolding). Teacher selects one student per group to play the role of the protagonist.
  • Groups are provided with a scene (See Resources) focusing on a situation that uses the dramatic element of conflict.
  • Teacher-led brainstorming for character development and storyline.
  • Provide students with checklist to assess another student (See Resources) (10mins).
  • Students to develop their role-plays, remind them of the drama room protocols (10mins)
  • Groups to perform role-plays, teacher to use the teacher-in-role strategy.
  • Teacher to record each role-play (25mins).


  • Triangle to end the session, give students Y Charts (See Resources) (10mins)
  • Students to hand-in checklists and Y Charts.


  • Formative notes during the lesson
  • Are Y Charts engaging and detail empathetic feelings?
  • Did students stay in character?





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