Dance Lesson Plan (F-2): Express Yourself Through Dance (Silkworms)



This lesson plan will enable Foundation to Yr 2 students to express themselves using locomotor and non-locomotor movements. The premise of the lesson is creative movement and it focuses on developing body and spatial awareness.  This lesson also aims to create social bonds, allow personal expression and provides an aesthetic experience.  It is culturally inclusive due to the clear rules pertaining to objectionable movements and there are no religious or cultural reasons to prohibit participation.

Australian Curriculum Links:

The Arts (Dance)

  • 2.1 Explore, improvise and organise ideas to make dance sequences using fundamental movement skills and the element of dance (ACADAM001).
  • 2.2 Use fundamental movement skills when practicing dance sequences (ACADAM002).

Prior Knowledge:

  • Students would have been raising silk worms.
  • Students are familiar with the structure of the dance lesson.


  • Teacher in front of the ground rules board to remind students of responsibilities in dance class.
  • Students get broken into 3 groups and allocated to a warm up card (scaffold any group with low reading ability).
  • Clapping sticks indicate that students must return to the material.
  • Teacher provides provocation, “what would it feel like to be in a cocoon, chrysalis, becoming a moth?” “How would they move?”
  • Play Aquarium from Carnival of the Animals as students move into their versions of the shapes:

  • Inform students that their dance should be performed with minimal talking.
  • Provide students with silk scarves to use in their dances.

(Teaching strategies: Constructivist learning adding new concepts to existing schema, Inquiry-based learning students are making their own meaning and Authentic learning silk worms are being studied in class.


  • Play relaxation music while students find a space to create a reflective drawing of the lesson to reinforce the learning.
  • Students then lie on their backs, close their eyes and listen to the music.


  • Formative notes will be taken during the lesson
  • Where the students engaged?
  • What worked and what didn’t? 





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