Dinosaur Dance – A Themed Dance Lesson Plan for Foundation to Year 2



The lesson plan focuses on the theme of dinosaurs to engage students. Students will copy movements directed by the teacher and other students to practice fundamental movement skills. This lesson was originally designed for a Pre-Primary class but can be adapted to any year level looking at dinosaurs. Everyone loves dinosaurs!

Australian Curriculum Links:

Foundation – Year 2

  • Explore, improvise and organise ideas to make dance sequences using the elements of dance (ACADAM001)
  • Use fundamental movement skills to develop technical skills when practising dance sequences (ACADAM002)
  • Exploring fundamental movements safely to improvise dance ideas. (2.2.1)


  • Get students to stand in a circle.
  • Warm up stretching, reach to the sky (Up to the Pterodactyls), down to the ground (touch the baby T-Rex).
  • Talk about safe dancing. They need to stand an arm span away from each other. Also ensure students aren’t stomping too hard or waving their arms in a manner that could cause injury to themselves or others.
  • Play a quick game of duck, duck, T- Rex. Have students pull their arms in and stomp when running.


  • Students stand in a circle.
  • Question students: What are the things dinosaurs normally do? (Eating, stomping, chasing, flying).
  • Teacher/student demonstrates and students copy. (Making the noise is great)
  • Talk about how to do the action. Stomp = hard. Fly = soft.
  • Using the movements suggested students ‘follow the leader’ copying the movement. Once a student has had a turn in front, rotate, so all students take a turn. Students are able to copy the movements of the person they took over as the ability to copy the movements is what matters, not the improvising, Teacher may want to suggest movements or be the ‘leader’ as well.


  • Cool down stretch (same as warm up).
  • Question students: What was their favorite movement? Why? What body part did they move when stomping/flying?


  • Anecdotal notes of students while following/or being the leader, and/or
  • Formal assessment of student’s movement when following the leader (in which case, a camera or student roll is needed.


  • Enough space for students to move around, outside would work if that is the best option available.
  • A bright and bubbly attitude too!



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Feature image sourced from: http://www.gobartimes.org/20081215/image/68_2.jpg


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