Visual Art Lesson Plan: Graffiti Art and Expression (Years 5/6/7/8)



This lesson plan has been designed to enable Year 6 students to undertake visual arts appreciation focusing on the ideas and insights the artist is trying to relay and hence understanding the work aesthetically using the language of vision.  This lesson will cater for multiple intelligences and aims to promote creative higher order thinking, thus giving all students an opportunity to engage with the topic.

Australian Curriculum Links:

Visual Art:

  • 6.3.1 Indentifying reasons for the range of audience interpretations of the same artwork.
  •  6.3.2 Recognising and evaluating how culture, gender, age, time and place, among other factors, impact on how an audience reads an artwork.
  •  6.4.2 Explaining the artistic vision of artists from different context, particularly referencing the meaning their artwork convey.
  • 6.4.3 Analysing how symbolic meaning or metaphor is constructed in the artworks of others.
  •  6.4.4 Expressing an opinion about the way numerous artists communicate multiple viewpoints through their artwork.


  • Students informed that they will be graffiti artists (spark).
  • Teacher to ask questions “what is graffiti?” “Is it illegal?” “Can anyone name a famous street artist?”
  • Teacher led discussion about how street art is now a form of cultural expression.
  • Students create street art on their laptops ( for 20 minutes

Graffiti Playdo


  • Ask students to select two images and then ask the following questions (verbally and written on the board to support multiple intelligences):
    • Why do you find them interesting?
    • What messages are they conveying?
    • What is the motivation behind them?
    • What formalism is used in each image?
    • Do you think that Banksy’s work is important and why?
    • Should graffiti be illegal and why?

Teaching strategies: using ‘Visuals’ to encourage creative thinking, Constructivist Learning with the teacher facilitating, Inquiry-Learning as students will be creating Banksy style work in their next Media Arts lesson using Photoshop and Authentic Learning as the artist is the alleged zeitgeist of this era.


Students to think-pair-share about their selected images for 10 minutes.


  • Were the students engaged with the topic?
  • Were the concepts suitable for the student’s cognitive level?





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