Famous Artworks and Me – A Visual Arts Lesson Plan for Year 6



In this lesson plan students will view pictures of famous artworks and create their own. They will also identify the similarities between their peer’s work and the famous artwork. This lesson was originally designed to make use of end of year art supplies, but art materials can be whatever you have available.

Australian Curriculum Links:

Year 5 – 6:

  • Enhancing and practicing their art making skills in using a range of materials (6.2.1)
  • Explaining influences of other artists on their own art making (6.2.3)


  • Cover the arts supplies with a sheet
  • Show students pictures of the artworks one at a time. (Teacher to choose artworks)
  • Discuss the features of each artwork. After all artworks have been seen, place around the room with the answers students gave.
  • Students plan how they will create their own artwork, from the influences.
  • Uncover the table of arts supplies.
  • Students choose their art medium and begin to create their artwork – ensure students know the time limit.
  • Once students are finished they place their artwork next to their name tag.
  • Students complete the graphic organiser that details how their artwork was influenced by the famous artworks. Attached Below.


  • Each student reviews the work of the two or their classmates to the left of their own artwork. Students are to try to identify which artwork and features the student was influenced by.


  • Formal assessment of the worksheets and the artwork. Attached Below.




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Feature image sourced from: http://scattergood-moore.com/self_portraits.html Thank you Scattergood-Moore

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