Media Arts Lesson on Creating an Advertisement with Glogster



This lesson will enable Year 4 students to work in groups to create a multimedia product that expresses their artistic intentions and communicates to an audience.  Students will be required to ‘think with media’ to produce an engaging advertisement about the class blog for the school newsletter.  The multimodal nature of the lesson will draw on students’ intellectual and aesthetic development, their creative expression and is culturally inclusive due to the audience requirements.

Australian Curriculum Links:

  • 4.3 Collaborate to plan, create and present media artworks for specific purposes with awareness of responsible media practices.

Prior Knowledge:

  • Students have had extensive digital citizenship lessons and the majority are digitally savvy.
  • Teacher will lead a refresher tuning-in activity focusing on the layout of advertisements


  • Teacher explains that Glogster will be used to create an advertisement, in groups, about the class blog
  • Winning ad will be published in the newsletter
  • Students to participate in the interactive activity, focuses on creating an advertisement (Appendix A -See Below) (Scootle)
  • Teacher to scribe key points, including the relevant codes and conventions outlined in the activity
  • Teacher to give a brief overview of Glogster and an example of an ad (10mins)

Teaching strategies: Constructivist learning adding to existing schema

  • Teacher to allocate students into groups of 3 (ICT savvy students to scaffold weaker students)
  • Students are required to storyboard their ideas before starting work on Glogster – teacher to review storyboard checklist (Appendix C) (to check the ad will have aesthetic values)
  • Teacher to have roving conferences with groups (40mins)

Teaching strategiesAuthentic learning the activity has significant outside of the classroom

  • Clapping sequence for all students to return to the mat
  • In pairs, students are required to answer questions: What I found challenging in this lesson?  What I am looking forward to next lesson?

The ads will be finished in the next media arts lesson (10mins)


  • Formative notes will be taken, including a focus on group work
  • Were students engaged?
  • Did the checklists show good generation of ideas?
  • Do students require more assistance with Glogster?


Contingency: if internet connection is unavailable storyboard only



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