Media Arts Lesson: Our Class on Camera (Part 1 of 2) Year 3



In preparation for the making of a film, students will create a storyboard that conveys a typical day in the Year 3 classroom. The lesson was authentic in its real world context, as the video was intended to be displayed on the school website.

Australian Curriculum Links:

Media Arts – Year 3/4: 

  • Creating a sequence of images, sounds and text or a combination of these to clearly establish the beginning middle and end of a story or event. (4.1.1)


  • Inform students a video promoting Year 3 has to go on the school website.
  • Brainstorm the important conventions to include in a film (text, sound, images)
  • Scribe the answers on the butchers paper, display so all students can see.
  • Recap how to fill in a storyboard.
  • Put students in groups. Assign which groups will be filming the beginning/middle/end of the school day. Each section is only to be 1 minute long.
  • Students brainstorm what aspects of the Year 3 classroom they want to showcase.
  • Students complete storyboard in their groups (See Resources).
  • Groups complete the media checklist and attach to their storyboard template (See Resources).


  • Students share their storyboards in sequential order to the class


  • Informal assessment for learning: Check storyboards as students are working on them the ensure students are using sound, text and images on storyboards.





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