Media Arts Lesson Plan: Our Class on Camera (Part 2 of 2) Year 3



Students use their storyboards created in previous lesson to create their films. This is not a single lesson, as students will be filming at different points during the day as per their storyboards. The lesson was originally designed for a Year 3 classroom. The lesson was authentic in its real world context, as the video was intended to be displayed on the school website.

Australian Curriculum Links:

Year 3-4 Media Arts

  • Creating a sequence of images, sounds and text or a combination of these to clearly establish the beginning middle and end of a story or event. (4.1.1)



  • At the start of the day, place a plan on the whiteboard of the times of the day each group will be filming and for how long. Include the names of the group members filming, as not all students from the group will be required.
  • Using the class iPad/camera recap how to record/save/delete film.
  • Discuss what transitions they would like to have between the videos.


  • As per the plan, students record their videos of the class working/playing. Students are only to take 5 minutes so as not to disrupt/not participate in the lesson currently being held.
  • Once students record their section, students are to save their video


  • Teacher/or a chosen students will add the transition between the videos.
  • Showcase the completed film (next day or once the transitions have been added)
  • After watching the full video, students complete their reflections (Attached)


  • Informal assessment for learning: Check to see if all groups have followed their storyboard, schedule a group meeting if this was not the case to discover the reason.


  • Class iPad/camera.
  • Computer if using a camera to insert transition.
  • Task assessment¬†





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