Silly Sentence Art Lesson for Years F/1/2



This is an engaging art lesson that caters for student diversity, individuality and allows each student to create a unique artwork providing them with the opportunity to reflect on their artistic ability.

Australian Curriculum Links:

Visual Art – Foundation to Year 2:


  • Display each of the five sections below. Allow students to read through some of the options.
  • Students will choose one phrase from each section and will put it together to create a “silly sentence”. Discuss some of the possible combinations and how some of the terms might be illustrated.
  • Students will inform 1 person about their illustration choice and they will discuss how they will tackle illustrating that phrase. They will offer each other suggestions on how it can be illustrated without easily being guessed.
  • Display some of the examples that have been given below to allow students to develop a visual aid of what should be created.
  • Students to head off and create ‘Silly Sentences’
  • Teacher to rove around the classroom and discuss techniques and mediums used to create the ‘Silly Sentence’.


  • Upon completion have students show their artwork to the class. Fellow class members will try to guess the silly sentence that the student was trying to illustrate.


  • Anecdotal notes
  • Collect samples of student work for analysis





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