Teaching Renaming/Trading – A multiplication lesson on using 2 digit numbers



After playing an interactive game online, students explore the concept of multiplying with a 2-digit number. Initially the teacher models with MAB and on the board using a grid and then the students go off and continue working.

Australian Curriculum Links:

Year 3
  • Recall multiplication facts of two, three, five and ten and related division facts (ACMNA056)
  • Represent and solve problems involving multiplication using efficient mental and written strategies and appropriate digital technologies (ACMNA057)


Orientation 5  minutes

Guided Discovery


  • Students demonstrate their understanding of multiplication by 2-digit numbers by attempting to complete a worksheet.


  • Extend: Students assist their peers who require support.
  • Support: Teacher assists those who are having difficulty.

Reflection  5  minutes

  • Share/Explain/Justify: Share answers so whole class can check their answers.
  • Reflect: Let those who got questions wrong discuss where they made a mistake.
  • Consolidate: Explain to student that it is tricky not to get trading in addition, subtraction and multiplication mixed up. How can we overcome this complication?
  • Challenge/Extend: Who thinks they can multiply by a 3-digit number?


  • Observation and product analysis





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