Sharing Cookies – A Division Lesson Plan based on ‘The Doorbell Rang’


Summary of Lesson Plan:

In this lesson plan, students read the book ‘The Doorbell Rang’ by Pat Hutchins and then participate in sharing out cookies to children via paper cutouts. They learn to use the word ‘share’ to explain an equal distribution and record their work in books for assessment. The task can be extended by using symbols and has proven to be a great task for children who need more consolidating than others.

Australian Curriculum Links:

Foundation Mathematics:

  • Represent practical situations to model addition and sharing (ACMNA004)

Lesson Plan Sequence:

Mathematical Prior Learning:

  • Count with one to one correspondence
  • Able to represent numbers to 12 using symbols and pictures
  • Introduced to sorting objects into groups of equal numbers


For students to:

  • Share the cookies into equal groups
  • Use the term ‘share’ to describe the distribution of cookies
  • Record mathematical findings using pictures and symbols


In pairs, students select the first two character tokens that ‘arrive at Ma’s door’. Together the students model ‘sharing out the cookies’ evenly by lining them up next to the character tokens (applying strategies). They count (applying strategies) and record, using pictures, numerals and words, how many cookies each child would receive (communicating). The students continue to model how  they would share the cookies out as ‘more characters arrive at Ma’s door’, recording their results
Students explain how they were able to share the cookies fairly, and how they were able to check that all groups were equal (reasoning).

Modifications for Stage 1:

Students complete the above task however they record their findings using symbols, numerals and words.

Questioning to extend Working Mathematical focus:

  • How many groups of cookies are there?
  • How many cookies will they each have if two more children arrive at the door?
  • Can you tell me how you worked that out?
  • How do you know they are equal groups?


Through questioning techniques of strategies and student’s reasoning; observing conversations between peers; through viewing work sample – record of findings.


  • ‘The Doorbell Rang’ by Pat Hutchins (can be purchased for $8 from ebay or
  • Free Printable Cookie Tokens and Children (PDF)




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