Art For All – Australian Japonism 1900: An Art Resource for Year 7-9


Summary of Art For All Resource:

Art 4 all resource is the product of six years teaching art skills and art history to home-schooling families. It is designed firstly around the artwork; my research and experience showed me that learning art skills in a vacuum E.g. how to sketch a horse, has only limited value. Like art traditions of old, students of these resources copy the skills and techniques of real artists; consequently they learn the world of that artist: his/her motivations, social context, artistic peers and the language and meaning behind the art. Each lesson therefore provides activities at three different skill levels, analysis of famous artworks, links to educational resources and art galleries, and video footage of art in practice. Depending on the experience/skills of each child in basic drawing and painting, you will utilise different lessons. Rather than being age- based these lessons depend on a foundation of basic artistic skills before being able to use the competent level. If in doubt start at beginner and work up.
Each lesson is designed to stand alone; however each set of lessons contains related artists in a ‘movement’ with similar goals and motivations.

Australian Curriculum Links:

Although the National Curriculum for Visual Arts is not currently implemented in schools, the following goals are taken from the draft ‘shape of the curriculum’ 2011 for years 7 and 8:
Students will create, make and present more complex ideas, and develop knowledge of different technologies, genres and subject matters in historical and contemporary art, craft and design practices. They will identify and understand cultural codes and symbols. They will explain their decisions, analyse choices of approach in practice, and review outcomes. They will plan and manage presentations and respond by expressing opinions about their own and others’ works. Students will learn about significant contemporary and historical art movements and styles, and learn to analyse, compare and evaluate using appropriate art and design terminology. They will understand how art and design practice is influenced by cultural and historical concerns, attitudes, values and beliefs, and will be able to use their skills to demonstrate this knowledge. They will learn about and engage actively with the arts industry through the work of artists and designers, historians and critics.

Featured Artists in Resource:

  • Violet Teague Nightfall in the Ti-tree 1906 NGA
  • Thea Proctor The Rose 1928 Art Gallery of NSW
  • Margaret Preston Bird of Paradise 1925 NGA
  • Ethleen Palmer Malay squirrels NGA 1934
  • AB Webb Sunshine & Shadow 1923 NGA Canberra

Skill Sets in Resource:

  • Montage
  • Woodblock printing
  • Art comparison
  • Art Critique
  • Watercolour & Ink painting


Any or all of the activities in the booklet can be modified for inclusion as summative assessment:

  • In class exam – art analysis of printmaker in Australian Japonism movement and style using DAIJ as the framework for analysis.
  • Portfolio visual diary of research into ukiyo-e inspired Australian artists and sketches towards final student woodblock print of own design.


Download the resource booklet below:

Art For All – Australian Japonism 1900 (PDF)



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