Communication Technologies English Unit Of Work: A Closer Look At The Things That Attract Us


Summary of Unit(s) of Work:

A variety of instructional, teaching, and assessment strategies are incorporated into both units. These are aligned to the unit objectives in order to achieve the ultimate learning outcomes. For example, written responses are used throughout journal one to validate understanding a text’s purpose, audience, context, or style. Writing provokes learners to make deep, focused and meaningful responses to texts. Likewise, the student-directed learning throughout the second unit allows the teacher to evaluate the depth of learning occurred in unit one. Key questioning is integral to all aspects of the program. Questioning is an ongoing form of assessment that provokes metacognition and deep learning. Effective use of these and other strategies, the application of knowledge processes, and multiliteracy approaches provide literacy-rich learning experiences that contribute to the skills and aptitudes of 21st Century learners

Australian Curriculum Links:

  • Use/develop banks of words, adopting spelling strategies to recall and attempt spelling (ACELA1526)
  • Identify, describe, discuss similarities and differences between texts; exploring structures, voice, context, vocabulary etc. (ACELT1616)
  • Compare/identify and explore texts including media texts that represent ideas in different ways (ACELY1708)
  • Participate and contribute to discussions, clarifying, identifying, evaluating information experiences and opinions (ACELY1709)
  • Identify and explain how analytical images (figures, tables etc) contribute to factual understanding (ACELA1524)
  • Understand the uses of objective and subjective language and bias (ACELA1517)
  • Create literary texts that adapt/combine aspects of texts students have experienced in innovative ways (ACELT1618)
  • Experiment with text structures and language feactues and their effects in creating literary texts (ACELT1800)
  • Plan, rehearse, deliver presentations selecting appropriate content and multimodal elements according to purpose, audience etc (ACELY1710)
  • Using a range of software and learning new functions to create texts and presentations (ACELY1717)

Download the Unit Below:

Communication Technologies Unit of Work (DOCX)





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