Nutrition and Sport – 4 Weeks of Lesson Plans for Yr 10


Summary of Unit:

In this mini-unit of work, students learn about the importance of nutrition in sport (and elsewhere). They develop an understanding of macro and micro-nutrients, and use these when calculating energy intake in line with the Recommended Daily Intake (RDI).

Australian Curriculum Links:

Health and Physical Education – Yr 9/10

Prezi for Use in the Unit:

Download the Resources Below:

Week 1:

Nutrition Lesson 1 (Double Period) (DOCX)

Nutrition Lesson 1 – Worksheet (Calculating Kj from g) (DOCX)

Nutrition Lesson 1 – Worksheet Answers (Calculating Kj from g) (DOCX)

Week 2:

Nutrition Lesson 2 (Double Period) (DOCX)

Nutrition Lesson 2 – Student Handout Sheet (DOCX)

Nutrition Lesson 2 – Worksheet (Food Pyramid) (DOCX)

Week 3:

Nutrition Lesson 3 (Double Period) (DOCX)

Sports Nutrition Assessment Assignment (Week 3) (DOCX)

Energy Calculator – Example of Over Consumption (PDF)

Energy Calculator – Example of Under Consumption (PDF)

Week 4:

Nutrition Lesson 4 (Double Period) (DOCX)





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