Bengal Tigers Teaching Resource – Reading in Grade 1/2


Summary of Teaching Resource:

A non-fiction literacy resource that allows students to develop fundamental literacy skills while exploring some of the amazing facts about the Bengal Tiger. Ideal resource for the literacy block.

Australian Curriculum Links:

Year 1 English

  • Read supportive texts, developing phrasing, fluency, contextual, semantic, grammatical and phonic knowledge and emerging text processing strategies (ACELY1659)
  • Use comprehension strategies to build literal and inferred meaning about key event, ideas, and information in texts that they listen to, view and read by drawing on growing knowledge of context, text structures and language features (ACELY1660)
  • Understand that the purposes texts serve shape their structure in predictable ways (ACELA1447)
  • Describe differences between imaginative, informative and persuasive texts (ACELY1658)

Summary of Reading Activities with Resource:

Lesson 1: Shared/Guided Reading

In small groups or as a class, read through the Bengal Tiger Presentation. Teacher ensures all students participate. Teacher provides explicit instruction of difficult vocabulary. For example: carnivorous, diet, characteristics. Can be displayed on an electronic white board and used as an oral language activity.

Lesson 2: Reading Comprehension Task

In response to the Bengal Tiger presentation, students complete the Bengal Tiger Comprehension sheet. The teacher may choose to re-read the article before this lesson. Revise key terminology. Use questioning throughout the reading to maintain engagement and focus. Students complete the Bengal Tiger Comprehension Sheet. Teachers use this data to gauge student comprehension.

Lesson 3: Reading | Analysing Texts and Responding

Students are guided through the Bengal Tigers Food Article. Teacher provides scaffold, once again expounding on unfamiliar vocabulary. Teacher follows lesson sequence (as outlined in file) and uses questions provided for students to highlight text responses directly into the article.

Lesson 4 (or Extension Task) | Reading Comprehension

Re-read Food Article or provide a copy for student to work independently. Students can complete the Bengal Tiger Hunting Cloze activity. (This may be completed with the whole class as a reading comprehension lesson or given as an extension task to strengthen learning).

Lesson 5: Writing | Introduction to Report Writing

In conjunction with comprehension task, students complete a characteristic chart that helps them categorise information in preparation for report writing.

Assessment Strategies:


  • Class discussion – ensure all students participate and are attentive. Ask questions throughout reading time. Ensure all students are following and understanding key terminology.
    Formative feedback: Provide support and scaffold during lesson times. Constantly gauge student interest and understanding. Intervene as required.


  • Use Bengal Tiger Assessment Rubric (fully aligns each lesson to the Australian Curriculum) to contribute to summative grade.





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