Design a Classroom – A Design and Technology Lesson for Years 1 & 2


Summary of Technology Activity:

This design and technology activity requires students to explore  explore and analyse systems within the classroom. Learning focuses on the functionality of the classroom’s layout. In lesson one, students are asked to contribute to a discussion, providing reasons for the current placement of classroom furniture and systems. Students are then encouraged to critically analyse the classroom’s design, offering suggestions on how this may be improved. Students are required to give reasons for their suggestions. This is followed by a “draft” classroom layout, in which students are designers of their own classroom. The teacher provides constructive feedback on the draft design process to help students think through practicality and functionality. The lesson is followed by a “hands on” activity, in which students are given a classroom floorpan with mini objects. Students cut, arrange, and paste to create the ultimate classroom. Students take into consideration elements of classroom design that make the classroom a safe and functional system.

Australian Curriculum Links:

Design and Technologies:

  • Explore the characteristics and properties of materials and components that are used to produce designed solutions (ACTDEK004).
  • Explore needs or opportunities for designing and the technologies needed to realise designed solution (ACTDEP005).
  • Visualise, generate, develop and communicate design ideas through describing, drawing and modeling (ACTDEP006).

Cross Curriculum and General Capabilities

  • History/Geography: My School
  • Critical and creative thinking
  • Sustainability


  • The ways that space within places, such as classroom or backyard, can be rearranged to suit different activities or purposes (ACHGK008).

Download the Lesson Plans and Resources Below:

Classroom Design Lesson Plans for Years 1 and 2 (PDF)

Classroom Layout Template (PDF)

Design and Technology – Classroom Layout Assessment Rubric (PDF)

Class Layout Poster (PDF)




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