The Good Hamburger – A Writing Lesson on Creating Paragraphs


Lesson Plan Summary:

A comprehensive learning plan for the olden golden “Hamburger” model. This lesson is designed to visually scaffold paragraph writing in order to develop students ability to write cohesively. The lesson can be used several times throughout the year in order to remind students of what constitutes a quality paragraph. The lesson is aligned to the Australian Curriculum years 3-6. The hamburger PowerPoint is designed to help students visualise elements of a paragraph. A self-assessment rubric helps students to look at their work critically and make changes, thus encouraging metacognition.

Australian Curriculum Links:

Literacy: Creating Texts

  • Plan, draft and publish imaginative, informative and persuasive texts containing key information and supporting details for wide range of audiences. Demonstrate control over text structures, language features. (Y3: ACELY1892)(Y4: ACELY1694)(Y5: ACELY1704)(Y6: ACELY1712)
  •  Reread and edit texts for meaning, appropriate structure, grammatical choices and punctuation (Y3: ACELY1683)(Y4: ACELY1691)(Y5: ACELY1705)(Y6: ACELY1715)

 Language: Text structure and organisation


  • Provide ongoing, informal feedback to students as they work.
  • Teacher provides individuals with written feedback after phase one of the lesson.
  • Self-Assessment: Students use checklist to analyse the attributes of their paragraph.

Resources and Downloads:

Writing Paragraphs Lesson Plan (PDF)

Paragraph Writing – Hamburger Model Powerpoint (PPT)

Writing Paragraphs – Self-Assessment Rubric (PDF)




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