Australian Literature – The Forgotten Pearl Unit for Years 7/8/9


Summary of Resource:

This novel by Belinda Murrell is a coming of age story based in WW2 Darwin and Sydney. This unit can be utilised for any novel study for years 7-9.  This companion explores the plot, characterisation, language features, themes and mega-narrative of WW2 Darwin and Sydney. A basic lesson sequence and activities is provided along with assessment ideas and extension research projects and resources.

Australian Curriculum Links:

Year 7 English (Literature):

  • Compare the ways that language and images are used to create character, and to influence emotions and opinions in different types of texts (ACELT1621).
  • Identify and explore ideas and viewpoints about events, issues and characters represented in texts drawn from different historical, social and cultural contexts (ACELT1619).
  • Understand how modality is achieved through discriminating choices in modal verbs, adverbs, adjectives and nouns (ACELA1536)

Year 8 English (Literature):

Interpreting, analysing, evaluating:

  • Analyse and evaluate the ways that text structures and language features vary according to the purpose of the text and the ways that referenced sources add authority to a text (ACELY1732).
  • Apply increasing knowledge of vocabulary, text structures and language features to understand the content of texts (ACELY1733 ).

Creating literature:

  • Create literary texts that draw upon text structures and language features of other texts for particular purposes and effects (ACELT1632).
  • Experiment with particular language features drawn from different types of texts, including combinations of language and visual choices to create new texts (ACELT1768)

Responding to literature:

  • Share, reflect on, clarify and evaluate opinions and arguments about aspects of literary texts (ACELT1627).

Year 9 English (Literature):

  • Analyse text structures and language features of literary texts, and make relevant comparisons with other texts (ACELT1772).
  • Use comprehension strategies to interpret and analyse texts, comparing and evaluating representations of an event, issue, situation or character in different texts (ACELY1744).

Interpreting, analysing, evaluating:

  • Interpret, analyse and evaluate how different perspectives of issue, event, situation, individuals or groups are constructed to serve specific purposes in texts (ACELY1742).
  • Explore and explain the combinations of language and visual choices that authors make to present information, opinions and perspectives in different texts (ACELY1745).

What’s Included:

  • Suggested Unit outline
  • Learning Activities and handouts
  • Historical References and Extension Activities
  • Assessments and Resources
  • ACARA links

Download the Resource Below:

The Forgotten Pearl – Literature Companion Workbook (PDF)

Persuasive Argument Planning Template (PDF)

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