Health and PE Unit: Badminton (American Doubles & Tournament)


Summary of Unit and Lesson Sequence:

This lesson sequence and tournament provides students with the opportunity to develop specialised movement skills and understanding in badminton (or tennis). They analyse how body control and coordination influence movement composition and performance and learn to transfer movement skills and concepts to a variety of physical activities. This was designed for a year 7/8 9/10 classes, and has been tested in badminton and worked well with high student engagement.

Australian Curriculum Links:

Year 7 & 8 Health and PE:

Year 9 & 10 Health and PE:


Lesson Plan Sequence:

Introduction to unit:

Recommended that this Tournament be used in conjunction with the World Badminton Federation Shuttle Time 10 Lesson resource:

Lessons to be facilitated in unit:

Shuttle Time Lesson Resource summary:

There are ten lesson plans in this section. These are:

  1. Lesson 1.1 – Basic Grips
  2. Lesson 1.2 – Grip Changes and Footwork
  3. Lesson 1.3 – Net and Lunge
  4. Lesson 1.4 – Net and Starting
  5. Lesson 1.5 – Revision Games
  6. Lesson 1.6 – Revision Games
  7. Lesson 1.7 – Serve and Rally
  8. Lesson 1.8 – Backhand Lift
  9. Lesson 1.9 – Forehand Lift
  10. Lesson 1.10 – Revision Games

Conclusion of Unit:

  • Class discussion about what students learnt from this learning experience.


Assessment Ideas:

American Doubles Tournament:

Each player teams with each other player in the class once only. All games are played to 10 points* to win with the losing team receiving whatever score they reached. Both victorious players receive 10 points. If all games are not played, the Average Game score may be used to decide the overall winner (though not as accurate). A Grand Final game may be needed if two players have equal final scores or averages. (*another score may be used). All players can be rank ordered by either Overall Scores or Average Game scores provided on the spreadsheet and cut-off scores for grades decided by the teacher.



Download all of the lesson-related resources below:




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