100m Sprint Analysis – A PE Lesson Based on Usain Bolt!


Summary of Lesson Plan:

In this lesson students learn to analyse the specialised movement skills and theory behind the 100 m sprint. By comparing and contrasting the Speed Dynamics of Usain Bolt’s 100m with their own and their classmates, students can deconstruct the event for further feedback and understanding and devise methods of improvement. This is an ideal unit for years 7, 8, 9 and 10 but could also be used in other areas. It could be utilized for Australian Curriculum.

Australian Curriculum Links:

Year 7-8:


Year 9-10:


It could be utilized for Mathematics. Eg: Y 9

  • Identify everyday questions and issues involving at least one numerical and at least one categorical variable, and collect data directly and from secondary sources (ACMSP228).


Lesson Plan Sequence:

Introduction/Warm up:

  • Discuss the nature of the 100m Sprint and how deconstructing it into 10m segments can further inform their own performance.
  • Show video of the Olympic final featuring Usain Bolt and the excel sheet illustrating his 10m times.



Usain Bolt 1.9 1 0.9 0.9 0.9 0.8 0.8 0.8 0.8 0.9 9.7


  • Inform students as to procedure. Students pair up to time each other.
  • For the 100 Meters Speed Dynamics Spreadsheet: Students time each other, using lap times, at each 10m mark over 100m, as illustrated below, and enter data as illustrated by Usain Bolts times. The graph will automatically update to illustrate acceleration/deceleration for discussion. Class Averages will appear (without Usain Bolt’s times included). Graph may be dragged aside to enter more times.



  • For the Meters Per Second Spreadsheet: For each 10m segment the formula for Speed has been inserted Speed = Distance/Time (eg: 10/1.85 = 5.41 mps for Usain Bolt’s first 10m). Simply enter your 10m times in the yellow cells and your mps will be calculated. Try creating a Graph, like the sample, comparing your time with Usain’s, or with any other student in the class and describe what you notice at different stages of the race. (Move or delete the sample graph as you like)


NAME 10M mps 20M mps 30M mps 40M
Usain Bolt 1.85 5.41 1.02 9.80 0.91 10.99 0.87
Student A



  • Class discussion about what students learnt from this learning experience.


Assessment Ideas:

  • Accuracy of student’s spreadsheets.
  • Accuracy of answers on Question Spreadsheet.
  • Eg: How long did it take Bold to reach the half way mark of the 100m?
  • Anecdotal notes of students recorded during observation, discussion and activities.



Download and view all of the lesson-related resources below:




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