The Power of the Pen – A Writing Lesson for Creating Evocative Texts in Years 9/10


Summary of Lesson Plan:

The following is an interactive and engaging lesson aimed at developing a student’s ability to maximize the evocative nature of their fictional texts. This is an introduction into the use of advanced literary and poetic devices and the immediate responses they conjure in the minds of readers. Students will take away from this a thorough understanding of the relationships our minds have with texts and the knowledge to incorporate these skills into future written tasks.

Australian Curriculum Links:

Year 9 English (Literature – Creating Literature):

  • making language choices and choosing particular language devices to achieve intended effects, for example building in a surprise or twist in the ending of a short story or final scene of a film (ACELT1638).


Lesson Plan Sequence:

If you are looking for a more thorough guide, Suggestions will be in the Notes section of the power point.

Introduction/warm up:

Please find the attached PowerPoint and open it to the first slide.

  • Ask students to write down the name of a text which has had a large emotional impact on them (Sadness, anger, happiness etc.)
  • Read through the slides until you reach slide 19, then stop the Powerpoint and distribute the worksheets.



  • Allow students to complete the worksheets (they will need access to the internet or a dictionary & thesaurus).



  • Students pass the texts they wrote three seats to the right and write feedback on the sheet they receive.
  • Students collect their own text and review the feedback they received.


Assessment Ideas:

  • Writing a short text that demonstrates the students understanding of language choices, devices and techniques.




  • Exercise Books / writing utensils OR computer
  • Internet connection or dictionary & thesaurus






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