Changing Nations (The Population Shift) – A Geography Lesson for Year 8/9


Summary of Lesson Plan:

This lesson is aimed at introducing students into the geographical change the world is undergoing. It is an in depth investigation into the rise of the mega-city, cities & their planning and the various techniques used to manage them. It also explores the effects of Urbanization in places of the world, specifically the Asian countries. This lesson asks students to exercise critical thinking and writing skills and they evaluate the effectiveness of these techniques. It also serves as the basis for all further units related to this topic.


Australian Curriculum Links:

Year 8 Geography

  • Causes and consequences ofurbanisation, drawing on a study from Indonesia, or another country of the Asia region (ACHGK054)
  • Management and planning of Australia’s urban future(ACHGK059)


Lesson Plan Sequence:

*** The lesson sequence is also available in the notes section of the PowerPoint ***

Introduction/Warm up:

  • Begin by playing the attached PowerPoint, when you reach the second slide discuss with students what they think a Megacity might be.
  • Continue reading through the slides and engaging the students, it is suggested that students take brief dot point notes of the slides.


  • When you reach slide 16 stop and distribute the worksheets
  • Slide 18 discusses the Peel structure, however you scan skip this.
  • The worksheet is sectioned so that you can have the class work through it together or let everyone work at their individual pace & discuss the content.


  • Allow students to compare answers with their peers, this will help them view the topics they wrote about in a new perspective.
  • As students to give short feedback on each other works e.g. (“You gave very clear and concise definitions, that was great. You could improve on the way you concluded your last paragraph by linking it to your topic sentence more.”)
  • If you have any excess time allow students to share their work with multiple peers.


Assessment Ideas:

  • Anecdotal notes on students
  • Collect worksheets to check understanding.
  • Students record their findings using a digital device and share with class.



Download all of the lesson-related resources below:




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