Design Passes – A Physical Education Unit on Movement and Feedback for Years 5-8


Summary of Unit of Work:

The focus of this unit it to practise specialised movement skills and use feedback to improve body control and coordination when performing specialised movements. In groups, students will design a sequence of passes between teammates to maintain possession in a sport of their choice, practice their passes and perform them in mini games against their classmates. Each group will have a week where their groups’ sport will be played and another team will record the gameplay using the iPads for the group to later reflect on. Secondly, Students will be participating in a range of activities where their vision is compromised in order to understand the importance of auditory feedback. Students will reflect how precise verbal language assists with completing tasks without sight.

Australian Curriculum Links:

Physical Education:

Year 6:

  • ACOMP061 Practise specialised movement skills and apply them in a variety of movement sequences and situations; designing a sequence of passes between teammates to maintain possession or move a piece of equipment from one point to another.
  • ACOMP067 Participate positively in groups and teams by encouraging others and negotiating roles and responsibilities
  • ACOMP069 Demonstrate ethical behaviour and fair play that aligns with rules when participating in a range of physical activities

Year 7:

  • ACOMP080 Use feedback to improve body control and coordination when performing specialised movement skills in a variety of situations; analysing their own and others; performance using ICT and implementing feedback to enhance performance; participating in activities where vision is compromised to demonstrate the importance of auditory feedback; travelling, marking and intercepting to achieve and retain possession
  • Year 7: ACOMP086 Practise and apply personal and social skills when undertaking a range of roles in physical activities; adopting roles and responsibilities that support and enhance team cohesion and lead to successful movement outcomes; applying an understanding of verbal, physical and situational cues to identify and appropriately respond to feelings and motives of others when working in a team; reflecting on their role and articulating how the actions they initiated in the role led to the achievement of successful outcomes

Essential Questions:

  1. How can I use ICT as a tool to improve my skills?
  2. How does designing a sequences of passes help maintain possession?
  3. How important is auditory feedback when participating in activities where vision is compromised?
  4. How can I best demonstrate fair play when participating in physical education?

Skills Developed:

  1. Demonstrating fair play and skills to work collaboratively.
  2. Performing specialised movement skills
  3. Applying the elements of movement when composing and performing movement sequences.
  4. Applying personal and social skills to establish and maintain respectful relationships and promote safety, fair play and inclusivity.
  5. Demonstrating control and accuracy when performing specialised movement sequences and skills
  6. Applying the elements of movement to compose and perform movement sequences.

Unit Overview:

This unit is split into the following sessions for use with a class:

  • PE groups and planning
  • Sequences of passes
  • Team passes group 1 & 2
  • Team passes group 3 & 4

Assessment Ideas:

  • Use of iMovies and video critique, indicating feedback and knowledge
  • Observation checklist
  • Participation
  • Checklist on fair play strategies


Download all of the unit-related resources below:

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