Decimal Inquiry – A Unit of Work for Years 3-6


Summary of Unit of Work:

In order for students to progress in mathematics they need a strong foundation in Place Value. Using the inquiry process; tuning in, finding out, sorting out, going further, making connections and taking action, students expand their knowledge on decimals.

The unit begins with a tuning in, involving a pre-test with opportunities to learn through asking questions, videos, games, hands-on material, songs and explicit teacher instruction. At the end of the unit the students plan how to use their new knowledge on decimals and also complete a self-assessment rubric.

Australian Curriculum Links:

Mathematics (Number and Algebra):

Level 2

  • Recognise, model, represent and order numbers to at least 1000 (ACMNA027

Level 3

  • Recognise, model, represent and order numbers to at least 10 000 (ACMNA052

Level 4

  • Recognise that the place value system can be extended to tenths and hundredths. Make connections between fractions and decimal notation (ACMNA079

Level 5

  • Recognise that the place value system can be extended beyond hundredths (ACMNA104

Level 6

  • Add and subtract decimals, with and without digital technologies, and use estimation and rounding to check the reasonableness of answers (ACMNA128
  • Multiply decimals by whole numbers and perform divisions by non-zero whole numbers where the results are terminating decimals, with and without digital technologies (ACMNA129
  • Multiply and divide decimals by powers of 10 (ACMNA130
  • Make connections between equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages (ACMNA131

Unit Overview:

Learning Progression (PowerPoint/PDF in resource section below)

A brief outline of the PowerPoint:

Tuning In

  • Pre-test which includes three sections
  • A decimal is….
  • Open-ended number line
  • Answer and explain 0.42 x 10 =

Finding Out

  • Video showing progression of learning from the ones place through to hundredths
  • Definition of decimals
  • Understanding our Base 10 system

Sorting Out

  • Vocabulary or Key Words Word Wall
  • Decimats introduction
  • Decimats game

Going Further

  • Decimals in our life
  • Researching our wonderings

Making Connections

  • Post-Test
  • Self-Assessment

Taking Action

  • How can we use our knowledge on decimals?
  • Creating ideas and actions to share our knowledge

Assessment Ideas:

  • Self-Assessment Rubric
  • Tuning In (pre/post assessment)


Download all of the unit-related resources below:

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