Remote Learning Lesson – Procedural Texts and Fractions with Pizza!


Summary of Lesson Plan:

Procedure Pizza Fractions: students will make a pizza, creating a procedure of steps and demonstrating their understanding of fractions. This lesson is in a distance learning format (at home) but could also be completed in a school setting. As students finish each section they can email or upload it to their teacher using a program set up within the school.

Please Note: The following project requires students to have parental support with cooking.

Australian Curriculum Links:

Mathematics (Fractions and Decimals):

Year 4:

  • Investigate equivalent fractions used in contexts
    • Exploring the relationship between families of fractions (halves, quarters and eight or thirds and sixths
  • Count by quarters halves and thirds, including with mixed numerals. Locate and represent these fractions on a number line
    • Converting mixed numbers to improper fractions and vice versa

Year 5:

  • Compare and order common unit fractions and locate and represent them on a number line
  • Investigate strategies to solve problems involving addition and subtraction of fractions with the same denominator


Year 4: Creating texts

  • Plan, draft and publish imaginative, informative and persuasive texts containing key information and supporting details for a widening range of audiences, demonstrating increasing control over text structures and language features.

Year 4: Expressing and developing ideas

  • Understand how adverb groups/phrases and prepositional phrases work in different ways to provide circumstantial details about an activity

Year 5: Creating texts

  • Plan, draft and publish imaginative, informative and persuasive print and multi-modal texts, choosing text structures, language features, images and sound appropriate to purpose and audience

English: Year 5: Expressing and developing ideas

  • Understand the use of vocabulary to express greater precision of meaning, and know that words can have different meanings in different contexts
  • Moving from general, all-purpose words, for example, cut, to more specific words, for example, slice, dice, fillet, segment

Essential Questions:

  • What are the features of procedural texts?
  • How can I use adverbs to make my writing more precise?
  • What equivalent fractions can I make using my pizza?
  • How can I add, subtract and order them?

Skills Taught:

  • Create structured informative texts
  • With assistance, participate in cooking creating and recording a recipe
  • Use procedural features in creating their text, selecting specific vocabulary
  • Recognise common equivalent fractions
  • Order fractions and place them on a number line
  • Add and subtract fractions with the same denominator

Lesson Plan Sequence:


Focus: What do we know?

  1. Question- what do we know about making pizzas? What is a recipe? What kind of language is used in a procedure?
  2. Jamie Oliver Pizza Recipe: With an adult read the recipe. How specific is the recipe? What do you notice about the word choices? What is good about the recipe?
  3. Start planning with a parent or caregiver, what you are going to make and what ingredients you will need.

Procedure and Fractions Tasks

Students to complete these tasks at home at their own pace. Once completed students will upload their work to the student in a format of the teachers’ choice (e.g. Google Drive, Microsoft Teams etc.)

Focus: Procedure Pizza Fractions

Part 1: Creating and documenting your pizza

Task: You have been hired to create a new kind of pizza for your local Pizzeria. Your pizza may be a savoury or dessert pizza and must contain an original element. You will document how you create your pizza in the form of a procedure.


  1. Brainstorm what your new pizza will be.
  2. Use the Recipe Information Document to help you write your procedure.
  3. Get out all your ingredients that you will need to make your pizza.
  4. Type all of the ingredients in the ‘ingredients’ section of the document. Remember to tell how much, for example, 1 cup of flour.
  5. Get out all the materials you need to make your pizza.
  6. Type these in the ‘materials’ section.
  7. You are now ready to make your pizza; remember as you complete each step in making your pizza to record it in the ‘steps’ section.
    • Number your steps.
    • Use adverbs to tell the audience how to do something in.

Part 2: Equivalent Pizza Fractions

Activities before starting Task 2

  1. Watch the YouTube video: Equivalent fractions
  2. Read the Math is fun website: Equivalent Fractions
  3. Equivalent fraction questions

Task: To demonstrate your understanding of equivalent fractions using your pizza


  1. Take photos of your pizza demonstrating different equivalent fractions. Alternatively, you could take photos and draw over the top of the pizza.
  2. For each fraction in the table, type in the equivalent fraction and insert your pizza image demonstrating the fractions.

Part 3: Adding, subtracting and ordering fractions

Activities before starting Task 3

  1. Watch YouTube video: Adding fractions
  2. Watch YouTube vide: Subtracting fractions
  3. Watch YouTube video: Mixed number to improper fraction
  4. Watch YouTube video: Improper fraction to mixed number

Task A: To add, subtract and order fractions


  1. Read the task in the following table
  2. Copy and paste the required pizza toppings from the pizza topping table
  3. Answer the add or subtract column

Task 3B: Ordering Fractions


  1. Place the following fractions on the number line
  2. Where possible, attach pizza images showing those fractions

Closing & follow up

Focus: Share findings


Verbal reflection: Have a discussion with a parent or caregiver about what you have learned today:

  • What helped your understanding of fractions from this project?
  • Wy is it important to be very specific when writing a procedure?
  • What questions do you still have about fractions?

Apps & websites to use to further explore fractions:

  1. IXL: website- you can practice 10 free questions a day (click Maths and choose fractions)
  2. Targeting Maths (Paid- $9.99) buy in students year level. I highly recommend this app as you can practice all areas of Mathematics curriculum. Training > Fractions
  3. Fractions Smart Pirates: App (Free)
  4. Build a fraction: website (free)
  5. Matching cake fractions: website (free)


Download/access all of the lesson-related resources below:

Websites and Applications:
Smart Pirates
Build a fraction
Fraction Equality
Add fractions
Equivalent fractions
Matching cake fractions
Equivalent fractions
Targeting Maths

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