Scott’s Template for Lesson Plans (Extended Version)


    Summary of Lesson Plan:

    Write details in here. Try and get the paragraph to summarise the sequence of the lesson. This section is pasted onto Facebook and will be what people see to click through to the site.

    Australian Curriculum Links:

    Use this section to list in all the outcomes that can be linked to the lesson. Use HEADING3 to write in the area (e.g. Year 3 Mathematics) and then use paragraphed, dot points to list.


    E.g. Year 5 Mathematics (Statistics and Probability):

    • Replace with text here…

    Lesson Plan Sequence:

    In sequence, pop in your lesson plan here. Include SC & LIs if you can. Think about the whole-small-whole approach to teaching and what you would be doing in the introduction, whole/independent/small group and then the conclusion of the lesson.

    Assessment Ideas:

    Using dot point, list down assessment ideas for this lesson. You can also add documents (checklists templates, etc) for the users who will love the fact that you are providing them with another free resource.

    Lesson Plan Resources:

    Use this section to dot point all the resources that the teacher will need to run the lesson. You can also upload documents that you have created. Be careful not to upload anyone else’s work (copyright infringements).


    Download all of the lesson-related resources for this activity below:

    • Replace with text here…  (List document type… E.g (DOCX))


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