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Teaching Length – A Primary Educator’s Guide From Jen

Summary of Teacher Guide: You scroll through your planner and your next topic is length. You assess students’ prior knowledge and realise that some students...

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Times Tables Unit of Work – Learn Times Tables at School or Remotely With These Key Lessons

Summary of Unit of Work: Help your students/child have a good understanding of times tables without rote learning. Times Tables!  Who remembers standing in front of...

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Decimal Inquiry – A Unit of Work for Years 3-6

Summary of Unit of Work: In order for students to progress in mathematics they need a strong foundation in Place Value. Using the inquiry process;...

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The Long ‘A’ Sound – A Phonics and Spelling Unit for Years 1-4

Summary of Unit of Work: Hey! I made a great lesson to explain the long 'a', which you can save for a rainy day. The above sentence...

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Artificial Intelligence: A Unit of Work in Digital Technologies for Years 3-6

Summary of Unit of Work: “65% of children entering primary school today will work in jobs that don’t even exist yet, and 92% of future...

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