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PH of Water – A Science Investigation Lesson for Years 5/6/7

Summary of Lesson Plan: Students will be exploring what pH is and carrying out an investigation to find out whether all water sources have the...

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Remote Learning Lesson – Exploring 3D Shapes at Home

Summary of Lesson Plan: The following lessons allow students to explore three-dimensional shapes in a distance learning format (around the home). Students will be exploring...

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Remote Learning Lesson – Procedural Texts and Fractions with Pizza!

Summary of Lesson Plan: Procedure Pizza Fractions: students will make a pizza, creating a procedure of steps and demonstrating their understanding of fractions. This lesson...

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Remote Learning Lesson: Angles (Measuring and Recording on an iPad) for Years 4 & 5

Summary of Lesson Plan: The following lesson allows students to explore angles either in distance learning format (around the home) or within their school. Students...

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Design Passes – A Physical Education Unit on Movement and Feedback for Years 5-8

Summary of Unit of Work: The focus of this unit it to practise specialised movement skills and use feedback to improve body control and coordination...

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