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Inverting colours art lesson

Summary: This lesson teaches students about inverting colours. Can be taught with any theme (this lesson focuses on Christmas). Students learn how to appreciate their...

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Effects of alcohol lesson

Summary: This lesson focus is on alcohol. Students are able to predict the consequences of their choices, eg use of tobacco and alcoho,  explaint he...

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Grade 6 Poetry lesson 2

Summary: This lesson continues on from Poetry lesson 1. Students were able to choose a type of poem to write about the topic Antarctica. This...

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Grade 6 Poetry Lesson 1

Summary: This English lesson focuses on different types of poems and thier specific structure. . Students are exposed to shape poems, cinquains, Octopoem, Haiku, Rhyme,...

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HISE- NSW physical features history lesson

Summary: This lesson focuses on describing places in local area and other parts of Australia and explain thier significance. Students will identify states and capitals...

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