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Wolves – Mini Unit on Information Texts for Year 1/2

Lesson Plan Summary: This resource explores the informative aspects of non-fiction texts. Students explore elements such as content-specific vocabulary, classifying information, and report writing. The...

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Landscapes and Their Features – A Geography Unit for Years 1/2

Summary of Unit of Work: In this unit students explore landscapes and common features of local environments. The unit assists the use and development of...

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Money Matters – A Unit to Teach Money, Budgets and Finance for Grade 5/6

Summary of Unit of Work: Learning in this unit is aimed at developing students’ ability to work with money. The students revise/refresh their knowledge of...

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The Good Hamburger – A Writing Lesson on Creating Paragraphs

Lesson Plan Summary: A comprehensive learning plan for the olden golden “Hamburger” model. This lesson is designed to visually scaffold paragraph writing in order to...

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Design a Classroom – A Design and Technology Lesson for Years 1 & 2

Summary of Technology Activity: This design and technology activity requires students to explore  explore and analyse systems within the classroom. Learning focuses on the functionality of...

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